Hello. I'm Carmi, a creative designer based from Edmonton, AB.

About Me

I am a creative designer with 5 years of work experience in web and mobile UI/UX design. My background in brand, marketing, corporate, game and visual design has shaped my skills to be well diverse in any design solution needed.

Working in the creative field doesn’t feel work to me as I am passionate about creating well thought user experience and designing user interfaces because I am fond of solving problems through my designs. On top of that, I’m interested in creating visual assets especially for games that help me discover and develop new innovative skills.

My willingness to learn and openness to new ideas especially in collaborating with other people has allowed me to be promoted for a pioneer position as a UI/UX designer of a gaming company I’ve worked for that gave me the chance to lead and assist the development team to conceptualize and design interesting and exciting user interfaces. Also, I’ve been pitching designs and winning over clients against our competitors for another company that lets me travel locally and globally especially to Switzerland to meet clients. With this, I was able to facilitate an event for beginners about UI/UX experience specifically Design Thinking.


Brand Identity

Assist in shaping products into a distinctive brand by portraying the right image for the eyes of the world.

Visual Communication

Likes to conceptualize and design creative and effective visual designs.

Game and Corporate Design

Enjoys creating and experimenting user interface graphics for different tones of design.

UI/UX Design

Creates well thought design solutions with the use of sitemaps, wireframes and webpage designs.

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